Susan and Jeff Moore

For us, supporting our local hospital is critically important,” says Jeff and Susan Moore. “The path to a successful town, city, and country starts with the foundation of exemplary healthcare and strong educational systems, and everything follows from there.”

And they have always appreciated the exemplary care received at Joseph Brant Hospital. Two of their three children were born at JBH, and as Burlington residents, they take great pride in their community hospital.


Susan served on the JBH Foundation Board of Directors, and sat on the Our New Era campaign cabinet for the redevelopment and expansion of the hospital. In addition to her volunteer work, Susan and Jeff have been longstanding donors to the Foundation, most recently making a gift in support of the Mental Health & Addictions (MHA) program.

For the Moore’s, it was about making a difference to an issue that many in our community are facing.

“Everyone has had mental health hit close to home,” says Jeff. “That’s where we felt like we could really make a difference.”

For Susan, their support of the MHA, and specifically Prioritizing Health through Acute Stabilization and Transition (PHAST) and Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services (CAPS), is helping JBH provide the care and compassion that people need to help them heal.

“I don’t know anyone that hasn’t had a family member struggle with a mental health issue at some point in their lives” she says. “Our family is no exception and so much of it is invisible. Getting the right care through supportive programs, in a facility that can provide compassionate state of the art care, should be no different than treating physical health issues.”

For the Moore family, being able to provide high-quality care in a dignified, healing space goes hand in hand to promote wellbeing.

“I would say ultimately the goal is to provide care in a space  that is happy, uplifting and safe, both for the patients and staff.” says Susan.