support us in the moments that matter

Many of life’s most important moments take place right here at Joseph Brant Hospital. Through times of care and times of crisis, these are the moments that join us together. And now, more than ever, your support matters.

Michael and Laura Paletta donate $5M to support Mental Health and Addictions Unit at Joseph Brant Hospital

“Our family has felt firsthand the impact of mental illness, and understands the value of innovative and lifesaving care,” said Michael. “Laura and I firmly believe that this campaign has the ability to transform lives and help make Joseph Brant Hospital a world-class provider of mental health and addictions care right here in Burlington.”

"Thank you to our community and donors because it’s their support and contributions that are helping the hospital continue its mission."

- John Dewsnap

John Dewsnap has worked as a Charge Nurse in the Inpatient Mental Health Unit for Joseph Brant Hospital for 20 years. As the Charge Nurse, John oversees patient flow, supervises nursing staff and monitors the needs of the staff and patients.