Sarah Greer

Sarah Greer has been a Registered Nurse in the Labour and Delivery Unit at Joseph Brant Hospital for over two and half years. She has had the opportunity to care for moms and their families during labour.

“Being a Registered Nurse in the Labour and Delivery Unit is such a unique role because you get to work with moms and babies,” says Sarah. “I love that Labour and Delivery is a family focused area in healthcare. Being an RN and supporting moms through their delivery is an incredible moment and it’s so extraordinary to be a part of that.”

JBH is a special place for Sarah as she talks about the dedicated physicians, nurses and staff at our community hospital.

“You are working collectively with your team to develop individualized care plans for your patients and continuously learning through that process” says Sarah. “Providing compassionate and empathetic care to our patients and families is important to our department”

Sarah notes that the COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected the team but also the families they support.

“Deliveries can be very big events, but with new protocols and policies, adjustments have been made,” comments Sarah. “I know the pandemic has changed a lot of experiences for patients.  We understand that every patient has a unique situation, and we work as a team to make sure we are always there for them. They are our priority.”

For Sarah, Labour and Delivery is a cherished unit in the hospital.

“Everyone who works in our department has a great passion for women and their families, and there are other units like NICU, Postpartum, Paediatrics and so many others that play a vital part for our patients and ultimately for our community,” says Sarah. “We’re so thankful for the support of the community because we get to make a difference for our patients. When we have the resources to make a patient’s experience positive, we are enriching our community.”