Rose Ryan

“When I was 28, something happened to me that not only scared me but changed my life,” says Rose Ryan.  “I was diagnosed with cancer.”

Rose was experiencing some symptoms and had gone to Joseph Brant Hospital where she was referred to Dr. Gee. They ran some tests and the results showed that Rose had a tumor in her thymus.  Shortly after, Rose underwent more tests and surgery was scheduled.

“The staff at the hospital were incredible, efficient and mapped out the next steps in my treatment,” says Rose.
Soon after her diagnosis, she received her first chemotherapy treatment as an inpatient, which she continued to receive as an outpatient every three weeks for six months.

“I remember those hospital visits vividly.  I cannot say enough about the staff at the hospital, and I will never forget the people who changed my life.  I still remember every nurse, social worker, hospital staff, and doctor who helped me during this difficult time,” says Rose.

Rose discusses how the staff went above and beyond to ensure that she was cared for and every Hospital visit made her feel like she was at home.  “Not only did I receive such exceptional care, but I also witnessed the staff interact with other patients and saw how they truly cared for all of us,” says Rose.

Today, Rose cherishes every moment with her family.  “As I watch my children grow and think about their endless possibilities, I thank Joseph Brant Hospital for giving me care and the courage to persevere,” says Rose.

After receiving her diagnosis, Rose started about thinking about her husband and the importance of having her affairs in order.  “I wanted to make sure our family was supported.  I thought about what my children may face in their future, and I wanted to ensure that I could help them,” says Rose.

Not only did Rose think about her immediate family, but she also thought about the families in her community.

“At one point or another, we will all know someone who needs to use the services of the hospital.  And that was why I decided to give my support to a hospital that took care of me during a trying time through a gift in my will,” says Rose.

Legacy gifts ensure that Joseph Brant Hospital continues to be there for the community in the moments that matter by providing quality care.  Rose explains, “Legacy gifts make a profound impact on the future of our healthcare.  The future of Joseph Brant Hospital is filled with so many possibilities, and I believe it’s important that we support one another so our community can continue to thrive.”

For Rose, her legacy will be that she was able to give a gift to Joseph Brant Hospital that will allow them to continue to provide exceptional care in a well-equipped facility.

“No matter the amount, your gift is impacting healthcare close to home and is benefiting the families in your community, and for the future generations,” says Rose.