Rory and Aileen

When seven-year-old Aileen found herself feeling uncertain during the COVID-19 pandemic and missing her friends, she found a way to take her mind off things.

“She would quietly go to her room and begin making bracelets,” says Lisa, Aileen’s mother.  “She made so many that she wanted to do something with them and came up with the idea to sell them and donate the money to Joseph Brant Hospital to help the hospital fight against COVID-19.”

Soon after, Aileen’s nine-year-old brother Rory followed suit.  When he realized his birthday was coming up, he decided to ask for donations instead of gifts. “My children both wanted to help the hospital because they believe it will help everyone get closer to their friends and family,” says Lisa.

In total, Aileen and Rory raised an incredible $508 in donations for Joseph Brant Hospital’s COVID-19 response.

Lisa shared how much she admires her children, who, like many, are trying to understand COVID-19.

“Following new standards during the COVID-19 pandemic is undoubtedly a strange and confusing time.  But for children, it is a new ground to walk on,” says Lisa. “Children are trying to find a place in this changing environment.”