Rachel Alvarenga

Rachel Alvarenga sees healthcare as essential for quality of life, and volunteering with the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation as an honour. Since November 2016, Rachel has been supporting the events team at JBHF and has worked closely on events including Trivia Night and Crystal Ball.

“I volunteer because it is a great opportunity to learn and be part of my community,” she said. “I feel like I am benefiting as much or more than I’m helping, and I would recommend it to anyone that is interested in personal growth or just giving back to the community.

For Rachel, supporting the JBH Foundation is an investment in her community.

“The JBH Foundation raises funds to support the critical needs of many areas in including mental health, palliative, maternal and child,” said Rachel. “It is a significant force in making a difference and bettering the lives of many people on a daily basis and to be able to be a modest part in this far-reaching process is very rewarding and I am really proud of it.”