Lindsay Myke

When Lindsay Myke woke up the morning of her wedding, she had no idea if her dad was going to be able to walk her down the aisle.
Just two days earlier, Peter McCormick suffered a massive heart attack and was rushed to the hospital where he had three stents inserted.
“My dad knew what was happening so he packed his bag and called 9-1-1,” recalls Lindsay.
The day before her wedding, he was transferred to Joseph Brant Hospital and was under the care of Dr. Hong. Peter had been incredibly involved in planning his only daughter’s wedding, and the care team knew how important it was for him to be there for her.

“I got the phone call that morning that while he was not being discharged, Dr. Hong was providing a medical leave to attend my wedding,” says Lindsay. “The team at JBH were incredible, taking into account the life of the patient and not just the medical situation.”
Peter was able to walk his daughter down the aisle and complete the traditional father-daughter dance, before returning to the hospital. Lindsay said she had the kitchen pack up her dad’s dinner, including dessert, for him to enjoy back at JBH.
“Somewhere at JBH is a dessert plate from my wedding,” she says laughing. “And when my dad got back to the hospital, he was doted upon by all the nurses who were wondering why he was all dressed up.”
Peter was discharged the next day, and continues to be in good health. But for Lindsay, having her dad as part of her wedding day was incredibly special thanks to the personal care he received at JBH.
“I really do believe the nurses and Dr. Hong treated him so well – as a human being,” she says. “Thank you to every single person at JBH for the outstanding care and compassion. We are forever grateful.”