Harsukh Ganatra

Harsukh Ganatra had been suffering with increasing pain and fatigue for a week, when his daughter-in-law Deepa decided it was time for a visit to the Emergency Department at JBH.

“He kept on trying to reassure us that everything was fine, he was okay, but of course, we do worry,” said Deepa. “I pushed them to come to Jo Brant because I knew he was going to get the care he needed, and that’s exactly what happened.”

Upon arrival, he was triaged and taken for bloodwork. After a thorough interview and physical exam by Dr. Hansberger, Harsukh went for a CT scan.  

“Imagine our surprise when shortly after returning from diagnostic imaging, Dr. Hansberger reported Dad had a burst appendix at 83 years old,” said Deepa. 

After consultation with the surgical team, Harsukh was admitted for several days of IV antibiotics and observation. He later returned to JBH to have his appendix removed.

“Throughout this entire process, from the initial visit to the Emergency Department and subsequent admission, to the final surgery, we as a family have been completely overjoyed with the level of care and communication Dad received,” said Deepa. 

Deepa and her husband Kartik are making a gift to the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation in recognition of the care Harsukh and other members of their family have received.

“We felt that the experience was so incredible and he was looked after so well, that we felt like this is something we needed to support,” said Deepa. “We wanted to ensure that everyone in our community could access the same level of services and the same level of care that we did.

For the Ganatra family, giving the gift of healthcare is a new way to give this Diwali, and are matching all gifts made up to $100,000.

“We are excited to use donation and match to encourage the wider community to support JBH, especially around the Diwali celebration, when we give thanks for our continued good health, prosperity and happiness,” said Deepa.