Grace Cheung

As Grace Cheung sat in her living room, nauseous and lightheaded, she felt helpless and called her friend to help her. With a family history of cerebral hemorrhages, she was nervous.

Grace had been self-isolating and had been unable to continue her regular routine of running up to 12KM, 5 days a week.

She decided to do some an aerobic workout, while she transitioned back to her normal running routine, but felt lightheaded when she completed her exercise.  Thinking it was just the new exercise, she sat down and the dizziness and nausea started. Eventually, she couldn’t stand or control her body at all. That’s when she called her friend, Michael.

“Michael, help. I’m dying.”

Both called 911, although Grace was unable to hear or understand the operator.

When the ambulance arrived, the paramedics administered a drug to ease her nausea, and transported her to Joseph Brant Hospital for assessment.

Despite the situation with COVID-19, Grace was immediately struck with how organized the Emergency Department was. She had been discussing the lack of PPE in some Hospitals with friends a few days before, but was struck by the calm demeanour and professional service she received from the staff.

But the care and attention she received in the Emergency Department reassured her that our system is working and that she was in good hands at JBH.

Our system is still working she thought, as they conducted a number of tests to determine the issue. Grace was referred to a specialist for follow-up and discharged the same day.