Dr. Jeane Viljoen

Dr. Jeane Viljoen is the Inpatient Physician Lead for Joseph Brant Hospital’s Mental Health and Addictions Program. She works with a multidisciplinary team to help patients struggling with mental health in their recovery.  The team follows their patients through their recovery as they transition to community-based care.

“The Mental Health and Addictions program at JBH is a rapidly changing program. There are great and innovative ideas constantly coming down the pipeline.  I think the future for this program is optimistic, and the support we get from the hospital and community will only improve the accessibility of our services for our patients,” says Dr. Viljoen

Dr. Viljoen and the MHA team recently implemented a two-year pilot project with Ontario Shores, that took the most recent evidence and management of schizophrenia and combined that with data collection and record keeping.

“This project discusses how patients are monitored for functional recovery and it helps us focus on best practice across the diagnostic continuum,” says Dr. Viljoen.

Dr. Viljoen credits her time at JBH in helping her expand her practice and treatment of her patients.

“With the experience I’ve received at JBH, I am able to help with teaching and learning opportunities,” says Dr. Viljoen. “We recently started receiving clerks from McMaster and they were joining me in the hospital and in my clinics.”

For Dr. Viljoen, JBH is an extremely special place, and is it the donations from the community that are supporting these innovative programs that are changing lives at the hospital.

“It’s a small hospital, but the people here are amazing.  We’re all a close-knit family working toward excellent patient care. When donations are made to the Hospital or to the Mental Health and Addictions Program, it makes a significant impact for people who are using the services.  We are bettering our community.”