Dr. Alim Nagji

“Emergency Medicine is life or death sometimes.”

At Joseph Brant Hospital, under the leadership of Dr. Alim Nagji, weekly critical simulation scenarios ranging from sick children to traumas help improve the critical communication within teams and so staff are prepared for these scenarios in real life.

Dr. Nagji has worked as an Emergency Doctor at Joseph Brant Hospital for the past five years. In addition, Dr. Nagji is an Assistant Clinical Professor at McMaster University, Director of Simulation Learning and the Director of Clinical Teaching Unit at Joseph Brant Hospital and is the Simulation Lead at Joseph Brant Hospital Mac-Care.

Dr. Nagji and his colleagues have grown the Simulation Unit to help learners, residents, and doctors learn more about Emergency Medicine.  The use of simulation learning is for students, clinicians and trainees to practice critical scenarios with their team in a variety of environments.

“We support other programs and departments with simulations and aid them in training and development,” says Dr. Nagji. “We’re getting them prepared for the real life, worst case scenario.”

Over the last year, Dr. Nagji and his colleagues have had to redesign the learning involvement because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We create their curriculums and make sure they are supported along the way while they learn,” says Dr. Nagji. “Because of COVID-19 we’ve adopted virtual teaching and finding that balance of experiences for students.  We’ve had to think of innovative ways to give them that experience.”

Dr. Nagji believes the pandemic has put a strain on the healthcare system and has affected the community not just physically but mentally.

“The community has rallied together to support the Hospital, and our Hospital has put in the work to help our community.  The greatest accomplishment at JBH is how we come together and work toward a better future,” says Dr. Nagji, “I thank donors who see the value in donating to their community Hospital.  JBH is a space for innovation and their donations go toward the equipment we need and advances our education to provide high-level care.”

Moreover, Dr. Nagji not only appreciates the support from donors and the community but reflects on the teams at JBH.  “The support from the senior leadership team at JBH is incredible. You see the amount of energy and effort made in their investment of their staff.  We have the support from so many people at the Hospital, and our programs are supported.  To be able to do this at a community Hospital is a source of pride and inspiration and not only do you feel the support from your colleagues but also the community.”