Doris and Charles Sinclair

In 2019, Doris Sinclair and her husband Charles were spending winter at their Florida home when she started to experience difficulty walking and found herself short of breath. After a visit to the doctor, she was diagnosed with heart failure.

Immediately, the Sinclairs flew back to Burlington where Doris was admitted to Joseph Brant Hospital.  She underwent a number of tests, and was prescribed medication to assist with the issues.

In May, Doris found herself struggling to walk again.  She went back to the hospital, was admitted for several days and ended up getting a pacemaker installed. She was cared for by doctors and nurses in the Joseph Brant Hospital Heart Function Clinic, in particular, Karen Antoni. Both Doris and Charles were impressed with the level of care she received.

“I have only good words for Joseph Brant Hospital,” says Doris.  “All the doctors and nurses were so good and attentive to me. Karen was so kind, she went above and beyond to ensure that I was taken care of.”

Doris and Charles donated $25,000 to the Cardiology Department at Joseph Brant Hospital in gratitude for the excellent experience she had there. “My husband and I talked to each other about the great care I had received. We wanted to make a donation to the hospital and show our appreciation,” says Doris. “Everyone was so thoughtful, caring and compassionate to me. I’ll never forget that.”