Deb Swire

Deb Swire has a long relationship with Joseph Brant Hospital, back to her days volunteering at the JBH coffee shop.

“That was before Tim Horton’s,” she laughed. “So that tells you how long ago it was!”

Unfortunately, it was surgery that brought Deb to the hospital most recently but her experience was a good one.

“I feel like sometimes we’re quick to criticize and never quick enough to thank, so I wanted to send a note,” Deb said.

The little things made her experience a positive one. She says from the moment she arrived she felt welcomed and treated very well by everyone she encountered including a maintenance staff member who provided some directions with a smile.

“Someone turned my bed, so I could look out the window and look at the lake and the activities, and I thought what a nice touch,” Deb said. “It really helps in the long run with the healing process when you feel good mentally and feel you had great care.”

For Deb, JBH has always been there. From having both her children there to recently receiving her COVID-19 vaccination, the hospital has always been an important part of the Burlington community.

“I’m trying to tell everyone give it a chance, it’s wonderful,” she said. “It’s a great hospital and a wonderful place and I’ll keep supporting it.”