Craig Brown

Craig Brown found himself in and out of the hospital from October until January. “I thought I was having a heart attack because I was so twisted up with my anxiety, and I thought maybe my medication wasn’t working,” says Craig. “When you see yourself as your enemy, it is the worst feeling in the world, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.”

During a follow up appointment in January, Craig was admitted to the inpatient Mental Health Unit for a week.  Here, he would be monitored and receive proper treatment.

During that admission and through his treatment, Dr. Viljoen diagnosed Craig with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  “For 30 years, I’ve battled with anxiety and OCD.  To be finally diagnosed with OCD, it gave me relief.  It was like the puzzle was put together, and it made sense why I felt the way I did,” says Craig. “I’ve acted a certain way my whole life, and my anxiety stemmed from not knowing why I felt the way I did.”

Through therapy, he found himself able to manage his mental health properly. “I worked with my therapist, Neena Malhotra, for many months, and she had a tremendous impact on my life.  She taught me techniques to manage and even eliminate some of my symptoms,” explains Craig. “Both Dr. Viljoen and Neena have had a significant and positive impact on my life.”

Craig considers himself to be fortunate to be looked after by his team at Joseph Brant Hospital.  He remarks on the support he received from the hospital as well as from his employer, co-workers, family, his children, step-children, and wife.  “When I sit and reflect over the past year, I am very appreciative.  My goals are back, my life is back, and my dreams are back,” says Craig, “If you’re struggling with your mental health, know that there are people who want to help you.  Tell your doctor, a loved one, or someone you trust.”