Christina and Ann

For sisters Christina Koli and Ann Legere, family and art are two of life’s treasures, and with their fashion accessory company Art Of Accessory (AOA), they have been able to combine the two.

“Starting an art-based business together is something we have always wanted to do, and the pandemic gave us the opportunity to do it,” said Ann.

Christina lives in Burlington with her husband, son and their golden retriever. When the pandemic began last year, she found herself off work and homeschooling her son.

It was her love for painting and her need for creating that led to the development of small ‘tiny gems’ paintings, which were more manageable to fit into her busy days. She painted flowers inspired by her daily walks and then heart paintings while thinking of all the frontline workers.

“I wanted to donate a painting to be printed and given as thank you cards to all the essential workers at JBH,” Christina says.

‘Magical Heart’ was the first of a series of paintings. ‘Courageous Heart’ and ‘Covid Blues’ paintings were later used on cards for the hospital.

Later in the year, Christina and Ann, who lives in Toronto with her husband, daughter and two sons, (when they are not away at school), launched Art of Accessory.

“It’s all very exciting and new, with so much to learn.” says Ann. “Christina and I have a very close relationship, and AOA gives us a chance to connect several times a day, which has been especially nice through this pandemic.”

The ‘Courageous Heart’ painting, inspired by the dedication of the frontline workers during COVID-19, was used in the design of silk scarves that were available for purchase, with proceeds going to support the hospital’s COVID-19 response. For the sisters, it was a small token of appreciation to the frontline staff.

“Our fundraiser grew out of the relationship developed from reaching out with the idea for the ‘thank you’ cards, and we thank JBH for allowing us to be actively involved with the hospital during these difficult times,” says Christina.

You can see their full line of accessories available at