Betty Anne Millar

Joseph Brant Hospital has been a part of Betty Anne Millar’s life for over 40 years. Betty Anne and her husband Murray settled in Burlington 48 years ago. As a resident of the ever growing Burlington community, Betty Anne knows how important it is to have a world class hospital to serve our community’s needs.

Betty Anne has also served volunteer terms on both the Hospital Board of Governors and the Foundation Board of Directors, including having played an instrumental role in raising the initial capital to establish the Foundation through a community fundraiser.

Like many in our community, Betty Anne also has a more personal connection to Joseph Brant Hospital. It was September 2012, as Betty Anne was sitting in the Family Room of the ICU, reality hit her with the recognition that her life was about to change forever. Her husband, Murray, was in the Intensive Care Unit and passed away three days later. For Betty Anne, supporting the Our New Era Campaign is a way to honour her husband.

“After donating The Quiet Room in the ICU in memory of Murray, I decided to donate The Family Room as well,” said Betty Anne. “This was a unique opportunity to donate in each of our names and have two adjoining rooms that will provide comfort to friends and families when their loved ones are ill.”

After Murray’s passing, Betty Anne began to think about how she could continue to support Joseph Brant Hospital after she is no longer here. It was at this time that she decided to leave a more meaningful gift in her will to benefit the Hospital. Betty Anne wanted to ensure that future generations will continue to receive the very best care, while remaining close to home.

“I have committed a Transformational Gift in my estate plans to our new Hospital,” she said. “I encourage others to consider a gift to the Our New Era Campaign. It is an investment in our Community for future generations. There is truly no other place a legacy gift will have such an impact on our entire city.”

Today, Betty Anne continues to volunteer her time to the Hospital. For the past six years, she has been coming to the Hospital for weekly pastoral care visits with patients and their families.

“I hear from so many patients who are filled with gratitude for the care they are receiving at Joseph Brant. Time and time again, I hear from these families that the staff at Joseph Brant Hospital are some of the most caring and respectful people. It is these individuals that help make the Hospital such a special place.”

For more information about making a legacy gift, please click here.