Adam and Christine Doering

Like many families, Adam and Christine Doering have had their share of experiences at their local community Hospital. Both of the Doering’s daughters, Madison, 9 and Charlotte, 2 were born at Joseph Brant Hospital, and Adam’s brother, Mark, was treated at JBH when he was first diagnosed with brain cancer.

The Doering family supports the Maternal and Child Unit, having seen first-hand the quality care provided to parents and their newborns at one of the happiest and often overwhelming times in their lives.

“All of our families have in one way or another gone to Joseph Brant Hospital for care,” said Adam. “We need to make sure the Hospital has all the resources to give the community the best care possible.”

As lifelong Burlington residents, Adam & Christine believe that the incredible level of support for the Hospital is one of the things that make this community such a special place to live.

“We have been inspired by a number of people we know who have made wonderful contributions to the community. Excellent healthcare is very important to any community, and to us, supporting the Hospital is supporting Burlington.”

For Adam and Christine and their family, their support will have long lasting benefits.

“The investments we make in Joseph Brant Hospital today will ensure better care for us, and for our loved ones for years to come,” said Adam.