Statement on Anti-Racism from the Chairs of the Joseph Brant Hospital and Foundation Boards of Direc

As you may know, last week the Hospital and Foundation released a joint statement addressing recent events that have exposed systemic racism and intolerance that plague society.

We too are deeply troubled by the killing of George Floyd, and the violence directed at peaceful protests calling for action in U.S. cities. Racialized individuals should not have to live in constant fear from the very institutions that should be protecting them, and efforts to address this issue should not be met with brutal force to silence those who would speak out.

Racism and intolerance are issues that we have a responsibility to address. We have a moral imperative to seek out and expunge racism and all forms of discrimination from our institutions. We must create policies that support diversity and promote a culture of inclusivity in which everyone is treated with respect and dignity, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

The past few weeks have been an important time to listen and to acknowledge the truths and experiences of those whose voices have been ignored and unheard. It has been a time for racialized people to share their stories and to help others to better understand the suffering that racism and hate have brought to their lives.

This has also been a time to reflect. Joseph Brant Hospital and the Foundation are committed to seeking out and eliminating racism and discrimination. We have taken important steps to build a more inclusive organization, but more work can be done.

As board members, we have a responsibility to listen, to reflect and to work together to support JBH’s efforts to create a safe place for everyone to visit, work and receive care. We must strive to champion equity and inclusion and challenge ourselves as leaders in our own respective workplaces to dismantle structures that enable inequality.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on how we can move forward together with this important work.


Dominic Mercuri, Chair, Board of Directors
Joseph Brant Hospital
Anna Iacobelli, Chair, Board of Directors
    Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation


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