Let’s Build Better Mental Health Care

Mental illness affects all Canadians at some time either through their own experience, or that of a family member, friend or colleague. In any given year, 1 in 5 people in Canada will personally experience a mental health problem or illness, and by age 40, about 50% of the population will have or have had a mental illness.

Our Vision for a New Mental Health & Addictions Unit

Inpatient Mental Health & Addictions Unit with a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit

A relocation to a renovated, larger and more modern adult inpatient unit within the North Tower.

Outpatient Mental Health Unit

A strategic placement of Outpatient clinics with the inpatient unit, within the hospital, and in the community.

Child and Youth Mental Health Day Hospital

The addition of a brand new program space designed to meet the unique needs of this vulnerable group.

"The team at JBH have been wonderful to me – they actually saved my life."

- Sasha Menezes

For Sasha Menezes, the Mental Health & Addictions program at Joseph Brant Hospital has been a life-saver. After she received a diagnosis of bipolar disorder at 18, Sasha struggled with taking her medication, especially when she was younger. But thanks to the care of the team at JBH, especially the inpatient unit, Sasha has a better hold on her illness.