Dr. Frank Fornasier

Dr. Fornasier has been a hospitalist at Joseph Brant Hospital since 2010. His work involves caring for patients whose family doctors no longer have privileges at Joseph Brant Hospital, and ensuring that a line of communication is in place with the respective family doctor about any hospital stays. Frank is passionate about healthcare and dreams of a totally connected health care environment. Dr. Fornasier obtained his medical degree and trained at the University of Ottawa and completed his post graduate training at Dalhousie University.

Previously he worked as a hospitalist in the Niagara Health System, and as a family physician in both the United States and Ontario. Frank keeps active in the community and in the hospital – he is presently Chair of Health Records at Joseph Brant Hospital, Chief Medical Information Officer, and Head of the Hospital Medicine Service.

Frank lives in beautiful Burlington and he enjoys building anything with his hands, playing golf, hanging out with his children, learning and forgetting trivia, and technology in the workplace.