Dr. Ajmal Razmy

Dr. Ajmal Razmy has been working with organizations for years, helping with strategies and approaches for wellness in the workplace. And the COVID-19 pandemic has only made that work more imperative

“The pandemic has basically re-written the landscape of how we work, and as a result, we’ve had to adapt quickly to this monumental change,” said Dr. Razmy, Deputy Chief of Psychology at Joseph Brant Hospital. “We are struggling at an individual level to navigate this new landscape. This thing has blown apart the way we’ve worked.”

Dr. Razmy has worked with a number of large organizations, including the NHL Coaches Association and The Ontario Teachers Pension Plan to tackle some of the everyday challenges of the workplace: conflict management, burnout, and leading teams through challenges. Now, people are layering on the impacts of a pandemic.

“We’re now dealing with things like redeployment, working from home, home schooling,” he said. “But at its core, it’s the same question – how can you support being well in the workplace?”

For Dr. Razmy, it is about taking care of yourself as an individual first, so you can be there to support others. The pandemic has left people feeling dismayed.

“Each wave of the pandemic has brought a new wave of anxiety and the need to adapt and rely on the coping mechanisms we’ve adopted,” said Dr. Razmy. “This ongoing need to rebuild your resiliency – like a dam and there are so many holes right now. That’s why we need people to lean on right now.”

In his role at JBH, Dr. Razmy helps lead a team of Mental Health & Addictions staff who are finding innovative and timely solutions to support our community.

“I’m very proud of our team recognizing the fact that the pandemic is disproportionate in terms of its impact. Marginalized members or our community or those suffering with MHA are hurting,” he said. “I’m proud of our team in recognizing that and coming up with proactive measures and unique ways to make care available to our patient population.