Alf Petersen

Alf Petersen

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As a former paramedic, Alf Peterson knew something was wrong in January 2014. He was suffering with what he called an “annoying dry cough” that wasn’t getting any better. In fact, his breathing was become more laboured, despite the absence of any pain. Growing concerned, he unlocked his front door, dialled 9-1-1 and proceeded to pass out.

His memories of what happened next are hazy and include the EMT’s attending to him in his home, transporting him to the ambulance, and the familiar sound of the siren en route to Joseph Brant Hospital, a sound he’d heard many times during his career.

When he woke up in the Intensive Care Unit at JBH, he was informed that he had suffered a heart attack.

Mr Petersen has returned to JBH regularly in the years since for regular checkups, and has received “super” treatment each and every visit from the staff, who he says are “just like family now.”

As a Burlington resident, he sees the tremendous growth taking place and understands the importance of having quality healthcare close to home. He’s seen it first hand.

Mr Petersen has joined our Dedicated Donors Club with a monthly donor to the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation. Monthly donations provide reliable, timely funding for critical needs and supports healthcare close to home.

Monthly gifts join together to have a tremendous impact for patients and the dedicated medical professionals committed to providing compassionate care at Joseph Brant Hospital.

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