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Arshad Hack

Arshad-web.jpgDr. Hack is a Family Physician in Burlington and has been the Chief of the Department of Family Medicine since 2009. He has been very active in fundraising for Our New Era Campaign.

Prior to joining JBH, Dr. Hack had completed his Bachelor Degree in Science at the University of Toronto, a Master’s Degree in Health Services Administration at Dalhousie University, Medical Degree at the University of Connecticut, and a Family Medicine Residency at McMaster University. He is currently an Assistant Clinical Professor at McMaster University, and is active in teaching Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students. He has worked as a hospital administrator at Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care where he developed a strong affection and advocacy for the geriatric population.

Dr. Hack is a loving husband to Dr. Crystal Hann and father to their two sons, Lucian and Hendrix. In his free time he enjoys traveling with the family,
fine dining, basketball and golf.

There were over 177,000 visits

to Ambulatory Care and Diagnostic Imaging in 2017/18

Joseph Brant Hospital has over

1,769 employees including over 180 physicians, dentists and midwives
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