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Foundation for Cancer Wellness Supports new MRI Technology at Joseph Brant Hospital.

Jul 10, 2018
The Foundation for Cancer Wellness has supported the Burlington community for more than 27 years and recently donated $400,000 to the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation to support new technology in the renovated and expanded Hospital.
The Foundation for Cancer Wellness (formerly known as Breast Cancer Support Services) delivered key programs and funding of targeted projects to support women in their journey with breast and gynecological cancers. Despite having to make the tough decision to close, the Foundation For Cancer Wellness has deep gratitude for all the support from donors, sponsors, local business, staff and volunteers over the years and were honoured to help individuals and their families through a cancer diagnosis and recovery process. This gift is their way of leaving a lasting impact on healthcare in this community.
The generous gift of $400,000 will support the purchase of two new MRI machines for Diagnostic Imaging Unit at Joseph Brant Hospital. The new technology will give JBH the ability to offer a number of new procedures not possible with the current MRI, including breast imaging to identify, diagnose and stage breast cancers.
“These two new machines will enable State-of-the-Art MRI imaging and with the 1.5 and 3.0 Tesla units side-by-side the flexibility to provide patients with the optimal imaging strategy for a wide spectrum of conditions,” said Dr. John Rawlinson, a Radiologist in JBH’s Diagnostic Imaging Department.
The redevelopment and expansion project at Joseph Brant Hospital will be completed in the fall of 2018 and includes a significant expansion in the Diagnostic Imaging Unit, seeing the area grow by more than 2.5 times its original size. The modernized unit will serve a wider spectrum of patient needs and the updated technology will increase capacity and patient flow.
“This enhanced MRI capability will be a welcome addition to a clinician’s current toolkit, helping to optimize the delivery of care to our breast cancer patients moving forward.” Anissa Hilborn, President, JBH Foundation.
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