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Mitchell Gibbs

Mitch-web.jpgMitchell Gibbs is the Director of First Response Environmental Services, a company based in Hamilton providing emergency response to: Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives; technical rescue services; site remediation; and any natural release into the environment (toxic/fuel spill).  Mitchell is a seasoned and well regarded environmental professional who is well respected and often called upon for his expertise.  He holds numerous certifications and accreditations, some of which include: Certified Environmental Specialist; Certified Environmental Consultant; and Certified Air Quality Specialist. He regularly contributes to a variety of respected Canadian publications on Hazardous Materials Management and Environmental Science Engineering.  Mitchell is also a faculty member at Mohawk College where he teaches Environmental Studies.  He is currently enrolled in the Chartered Directors Certification Course where he will achieve his professional status as a chartered Director.  

Mitchell is very family oriented - he has three daughters and is married to his wife Debbie.  In addition to his family, Mitch has a passion for automobiles and has a small collection of exotic cars.  He is the author of a published book called “Another Day in Paradise”.

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