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Beth Parojcic

Beth-web.jpgBeth is a self-employed entrepreneur and works as an Intuitive
Therapist after having graduated from the Healing Arts Institute 15 years ago. She is also the Property Manager of Parojcic Family Wealth Corporation.

Prior to joining the Foundation Board, Beth was on the
Fundraising Committee for the Burlington Performing Arts Centre and sat on the Appleby College Parent’s Association for six years. In addition, she was Co-Chair of the Library Committee for John T. Tuck Public School for seven years.

Beth is married with two children. In her free time she enjoys acting, writing and paper crafts.

In 2015/16

there were 1,447 births at Joseph Brant Hospital

There were 13,040 inpatient

admissions, 3,209 inpatient surgeries and 13,177 day surgeries at Joseph Brant Hospital in 2016/17
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